Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rods & Rockabilly and A Young Photographer

Some of my friends, you just happen to be members of one of the coolest Rockabilly bands in the area, MG & the Gas City 3, organized the 1st of what I hope turns into "annual" Rods & Rockabilly show. The event took place in early June in Markleville, Indiana, and was really a celebration of cool cars and great music. The event featured live music from MG & the Gas City 3, Hudson Hornet, and Rockabilly Hall-of-Famer Art Adams.
After we got home from this event, I uploaded all the pictures from my camera and the pictures that my 6 year old took...throughout the next several days, I will be posting a mix from both...see if you can identify the photographer for each. lol

I took my six-year old son with me to this event, while he had been to a couple of smaller shows with me in the past, this was really the first time I had attended a show where it was just the two of us. I thought it might be a great "bonding" experience if we took pictures together, so I packed one of my older digital cameras so that he would be able to take pictures with me.

One of the coolest things about digital cameras is that you can't "make a mistake". If you are as old as I am, you can remember the days of 110mm cameras and even the old Polaroids. Only so many pictures in a roll or package, and your parents were always ticked if they spent the $$$ to have a roll of film developed only to find out that you had "wasted" the film trying to "get creative". lol

With a digital camera, I simple showed my son how to point and click, and let him "have at it". He ended up taking a few good pictures that I think you would be "hard pressed" to tell from mine...but he also took several "interesting pics of himself, the ground, the sky, etc.". The coolest thing about some of his pictures is that they really come from the angle of a small six-year old, and have a totally different vibe and perspective.