Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm in Love!

 There have been a few memorable times in my life when I was "dumbstruck" by beauty. The first time I can remember this happening to me was in 7th grade. One morning while we all stood for the pledge of allegiance (yep...we did stuff like that back then), I looked across the middle school area (it was the 70's and our school was built after one of the "educational buzz words" of the concept...basically a huge room with movable short walls on wheels so that you could have endless configurations...but I digress.) Any way, I looked across the 7th grade pod and THERE SHE WAS, the "new girl". The mix of fluorescent lighting and 70's interior design schemes gave her an almost angelic glow....I was truly struck speechless, and stumbled through the rest of my daily patriotic pledge to country and flag. Wow! She was gorgeous.
 Fast forward thirty plus a very similar experience. As I worked my way up and down the aisles of this year's Indy World of Wheels, I spotted her across the room. WOW! As I approached, I grew silent, until I was standing right beside her, jaw dropped, not even being able to put words together to describe the beauty before me....Not even wanting to blink, for the thought of missing out on a second of beholding this true piece of "eye candy"...:)

This 1934 Ford Woody was by far the coolest vehicle I saw at this year's World of Wheels. She is simply gorgeous!!!!!! hahahaha

So thank you, to the builder of this amazing beauty, and to the little dark-haired girl in 7th grade, (you know who you are) for giving me two of life's memorable moments. ;)