Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Indy World of Wheels

Well, I've FINALLY got some new photographs to post. This past Saturday, members of our car club, The Righteous Rodders, made the trip to the Indiana State Fairgrounds for the O'Reilly World of Wheels. The show has become an annual outing for us, and most of us actually enjoy the Motorama 1962 event, hosted by the Indy Road Rockets, that goes on at the same time, more than the actual World of Wheels show. We always try to get to the show as soon as it opens on Saturday: 10:00 am, so that we beat a lot of the crowds.
 One of my favorite vehicles at this year's World of Wheels was this cool little Melon Truck. Come to find out, it used to belong to a friend named Jim Linder. He used to bring it to the Road Rocket Rumble and serve "spiked" watermelon out of the bed. Apparently, he sold it, and someone put a lot of time and energy into "tricking it out". At least I'm glad to see it's still a "melon truck".

 O.k...this site certainly isn't about mini trucks...but I was totally blown away by the detail in the "ghost" pirate murals in this paint job!!!!!! WOW!

o.k...again, a PT Cruiser won't normally catch my eye and make the pages of this site, but my 5-year old son is really "into" ocean life right now, so when I saw this aquatic paint scheme, I had to snap a picture for him.