Monday, July 27, 2009

Suede and Chrome Extra: Pics from Scruffy's Vacation in South Carolina

O.k....I know, few people like to sit around and look at someone else's vacation pictures. So I will not bore you with all of them. But I did want to share a few kool shots that I took on a recent family trip to South Carolina. The picture above of the kool Ford Panel truck was taken during a walk around the area one afternoon. This is the shop truck for a cool little bike shop. The guy carries all sorts of bikes including beach cruisers, bmx, mountain bike and retro cruisers.
Here are a couple of kool shots of the Cooper River Bridge (Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge) that connects Mt. Pleasant to Charleston. It was finished only a few years ago. We've been vacationing in the Charleston area every year for 20+ years. This thing is INCREDIBLE compared to the 2 bridges it replaced. Learn more about the bridge at:

The following picture is the exterior view of one of my favorite area restuarants. California Dreaming is right on the Marina and has a beautiful view from inside. Learn more about the place at:

O.k....not sure if the color of this beach rental is "kool", but it is definitely unique. This picture was taken on the beach on the Isle of Palms. We used to rent a beach house (not nearly as nice as this one!) until hurricane Hugo came through. After the "rebuild" it is much cheaper for us to rent a Mainstay Suite (with all of my kids) for the week.

I usually try to get out and check out the antique places on one afternoon during the week. I like to look for fifties and sixties stuff. One of my favorite places "Hungryneck Antiques" added a little glass enclosure in front of the store since I visited last year. This is a picture of the kool roadster pickup housed inside. I only wish the doors were unlocked so I could have gotten a closer look!

The next series of pictures are taken at another one of my favorite restaurants. We found this kool place on Daniel Island last year. Named "Queen Anne's Revenge" after Blackbeard's ship, this restuarant houses the owner's personal collection of authentic pirate artifacts from the Carolina area. You can learn more about the place by visiting:

It was hard to get clear pictures through the display glass of some of these artifacts. Nonetheless, I hope you can see that there is a lot of kool stuff at this place.

Well, I certainly apologize for anyone that was disappointed looking through some of my vacation shots. I've got a few more pictures to post in the next day or so from the Road Rocket Rumble, then I'll be posting from a few area events.
A couple of noteworthy bits:
The Nifty Fifty won 2 top 20 trophies in a couple of area events last weekend. These are her first!
I've invested in the future of this webpage today. As of today, I broke down and bought a .com and invested in some more picture storage. Doing this, I hope to insure that I can keep adding to this site for years to come!
Have a great week!
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