Friday, July 24, 2009

Suede and Chrome Extra: 1 Kool Vee Dub!

WOW! This little number was for auction on eBay a couple of weeks ago. I tagged it to watch it, and actually forgot about it. Tonight, I was trying to "clean" up my eBay page and noticed the auction had ended, and it just came short of the buy it now price.
My dad and my aunt both had beetles when I was a kid. I can remember climbing in the small area behind the backseat (I was obviously A LOT smaller then). My aunt had a pretty serious accident in her's, yet, I've always thought they were pretty kool.
I really like some of the details the owner of this one has done. Most striking is the polished metal finish and the kool rust flames. The lowered stance and steelies give it a real sik look.
And what about this interior? Miminalistic....yet artistic. Very kool. I wonder if this car is still for sale locally?