Thursday, July 19, 2007

There he goes again...

O.k..., it's getting pretty humorous. My friend that lives a couple of miles down the road cracks me up! Almost everytime I drive by his house, he has something different in his driveway. The guy earns the label "King Trader".

This week he has a 67 Camaro SS, a 68 Chevelle, and a 55 Chevrolet. The AMC Rambler pictured was in the drive when I took the pictures, but the next day it was gone. It was already involved in a trade when I took the pictures.

My friend told me yesterday that either the Camaro or the Chevelle might be involved in a trade for a 1939 Chevrolet Pickup. Apparently, the guy who is interested in trading has the truck torn down and has been in the process of a frame off restoration. He planned to restore the truck back to an original looking state, but has lost interest.

I will be watching to see if and when the trade happens.