Monday, July 30, 2007

Skulls, flames and gloss black....

Well, I finally broke down. After spending a week in Charleston, South Carolina, watching people enjoying the beach on their beach cruisers, I decided to head to the bike shop when I got home. I have been looking at kustom beach cruisers on eBay for the past couple of years and knew that I probably couldn't afford the price of a new bike. Instead, I thought I'd check into a new set of handlebars...something to "set me upright" for a more comfortable ride.

Today, I stopped by a little mom and pop bike shop just a few miles from my home. I've driven by this place for the past 20 years or more. I always assumed a small shop in rural Indiana would have a very limited selection and not carry any "speciality" bikes.

Well, imagine my surprise when I looked through their selection of bikes to see several different cruiser bikes! And tucked in the corner of the showroom was the exact bike I've been eyeing on eBay. Every bike in the store had a price tag on it except this one. So, I asked the lady at the front desk about it, she had to call her husband from the back. He came out and told me it was the last one he had and was on sale. I braced myself for "sticker shock"...I knew from looking at these bikes on eBay that they sell in the neighborhood of $350 to $599. The price he quoted me was over 60% less than any bike like it that I had seen on eBay! I couldn't believe it!
According to the owner of the shop and the research I've done, this company puts out new models every year with limited production. He had this bike marked down because it was the only one remaining in stock and he was waiting on the 2008 models to come out.

The bike is VERY comfortable to ride! It reminds me of my Schwinn Stingray I had as a kid. One speed, foot brakes, and a wide back tire help it glide down the road. Ape hanger handlebars sit the rider in a very comfortable "upright" position.

Cosmetically, gloss black paint, flames, and chrome skulls give the bike a very cool look. I've been out on the bike 4 times today since I brought it home (probably logged 10+ miles). Hopefully, this purchase will bring back the enjoyment of riding bikes from my childhood and I'll get a bit more exercise.