Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A "Mixed Bag" in Today's Post

To me, the best part of being a part of the "Gearhead World" is that everyone can follow their own passion, and there OWN idea of cool. And while other gearheads may not have the same passions and/or ideas of cool, most can appreciate the passion and work of other gearheads regardless of the make, model or year of their vehicle.

 Take for instance my friend Tony Loves little yellow Chevrolet. I have been impressed with the detail in this car from the first time that I saw it. Tony has supported our annual charity car show over the years by bringing his Chevy to our "Wheels for Williams" event, and it typically is one of the best looking cars at the show. While my interests our more heavily rooted in pre-1965 vehicles, I can certainly appreciate Tony's beautiful car. It is a modern example of "gearhead passion".
 Another example of that is this little red Miata that was at the event. While I don't know the owner of this car, I can only imagine how it feels to sit behind the wheel as it screams down the road. Check out the surprise that fits tightly under the hood. This is a modern interpretation of a "Sleeper" for sure.

In yesterday's post,  I wrote about Ron Brandon's customized 1950 Chevrolet, and asked for feedback. One of the points I tried to make is that at any period in automotive history, someone had to be the first to use a certain set of headlights, a certain grill, or a certain chop. I am guessing that even custom cues that we consider "standard" now once raised eyebrows in the automotive world.

Sprinkled throughout the World of Wheels side of the event were great examples of pre-1965 vehicles whose owners have put a lot of time and dollars into.