Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Amazing Friend Rob

I am truly blown away sometimes by the talent of some of my friends. Whether it's the ability to turn out some INCREDIBLE home-built hotrods, customized bicycles, amazing artwork, kickin' music, or down-right amazing pinstriping....I've got lots of friends with lots of talents.

Take for instances my friend Rob Riley. Avid Suede and Chrome readers may remember some of the features I've posted on Rob in the past. His kool custom, motorized bicycles, to his incredibly detailed scratch-built scale models...the guy has a real "gift". So why should I have been surprised to learn that he picked up some One Shot and some brushes over Christmas break and tried his hand at pinstriping?! The truly amazing part was the results....Here are the pictures he sent me of his FIRST 6 ATTEMPTS!!!

You are truly amazing my friend!!! Can't wait to see what you do once you "get the hang of it"!!! hahahaha