Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last Post from Packard Museum, and a stop at DaddyKatz

Lots and lots of cool vintage Packards to check out at the Packard Museum.

Another shot of the convertible prototype.

Cool vintage Edmund intake manifold and dual carb set-up.
Since the museum had originally been a Packard dealership, there were lots of cool vintage parts and advertisements throughout the place.

This was a pretty cool carb display.

Love the vintage neon sign that stands on the corner of the museum building.
You know that ANYTIME I'm in the Dayton area, I have to make a point of stopping to see Bill Winger and the folks at DaddyKatz!!
 A couple of cool vintage Chevrolet "more doors" for sale in the parking lot. I believe they belong to the owner of the tat shop that is in the same building as DaddyKatz.