Friday, September 16, 2011

Eaton Post #6 - Custom '58 Buick and Whitey's Rat

It's always cool to see a car at a show that belongs to someone you know. I was especially excited to see Roger Garber's '58 Buick because as many Suede and Chrome readers may remember, I recently found a '58 Buick Limited "barn find" that a friend of mine ended up purchasing.
I had seen Roger's Buick a few times in the past, and had described it to my friend, so it was great to be able to actually take some pictures at the Eaton show to bring back for my friend to see.

Roger's Buick has a wicked stance. The car also has a really cool chameleon paint job with some great pinstriped lines. The top of the car is silver with a heavy flake.
Another car that was great to see at the show is my friend Erin Whitenack's rat rod. It was hilarious that my five year old son had no clue who the car belonged to, but begged to get inside behind the wheel. Fortunately, Erin was sitting right behind his ride at the time. Thanks Erin for allowing my son to sit behind the wheel....he loved it! Looks like I only have about 11 years to build one for him to drive! lol