Saturday, November 17, 2012

James Dean Festival 2012

 The James Dean Festival is always a "bittersweet" experience for me. I've been attending the event every year since 1984, and always look forward to it. However, with it's return, it signals the ending of summer and the return of colder temperatures just on the horizon.
 One person that seems to ALWAYS attend the James Dean Festival and/or the Ducktail Run in nearby Gas City, Indiana is "Count" Kennedy. One can always "count on" the Count to bring somethng out of the ordinary. He owns a flame-throwing Hearse, and the vintage Ambulance pictured above. He also owns a couple of casket trailers, and this "bat-scooter"....all of which throw propane-powered flames.

The James Dean Festival ALWAYS attracts many cool Mercurys, and even has a special "Mercury Corral" for them.