Monday, April 30, 2012

Bubba's Hotrod Open House 2012 Post #1

A few weeks ago, some of the guys in our local car club and I traveled over to Speedway, Indiana for the annual Bubba's Hotrod Shop Open House. As always, the event didn't disappoint. Lots of cool vehicles to admire, and lots of friends and hotrod enthusiasts to chat with. This year's event also included a guided tour of the new Dallara plant (this is the place where all of the Indy cars are built.) Lots of pictures to post....please be patient, as life is still EXTREMELY busy for me. :) Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed the opportunity to attend this event. Special thanks to Jim Linder and his crew at Bubba's for their hospitality! Love that homemade salsa for the hotdogs!