Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chrome by C.T. Bailey

Recently, a Suede and Chrome reader emailed and asked if we would be interested in posting one of his poems. After reading his piece entitled, "Chrome", I knew he understood what this website was about. Thanks for sharing Todd! To read more of Todd's writing, check out: C.T. Bailey Writes!

383 small block, double-hump heads,
fuel injection, supercharger
a midnight cruise
flaming hot licks on black lacquer paint
street lights blowing past
That’s chrome, baby.
That’s chrome.

Road signs, blue eyes, blonde hair,
cherry red lips framed in a billet mirror
long legs hang under
a plaid mini-skirt straddling
a 4-speed.

That’s chrome, baby.
That’s chrome.

Exhaust fumes, tire smoke,
high octane fuel, perfume
waters both mouth and eyes
Detroit steel never smelled this good
Red fingernails dig denim at 5500 rpm.

That’s chrome, baby.
That’s chrome.

Chrome bumpers, chrome grills,
chrome smiles, chrome thrills.
That’s chrome, baby.

That’s chrome.


© 2010 C.T. Bailey